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Smiling girl with a nitrous mask on.


Is dental anxiety preventing you from receiving the oral care you need? At Crown Isle Dental, we prioritize your comfort, offering oral and nitrous sedation dentistry to ensure a relaxed and stress-free dental experience.


Oral Sedation Dentistry:

  • Anxiety Alleviation: Oral sedation involves taking prescribed medication before your dental appointment to help you relax. It is particularly beneficial for individuals with moderate to severe dental anxiety.

  • Customized Dosages: Our experienced dental team carefully tailors the dosage of oral sedatives based on your unique needs, ensuring the right level of relaxation for a positive and comfortable experience.

  • Memory Suppression: One advantage of oral sedation is that it often induces a state where you may have little to no memory of the dental procedure, contributing to a more stress-free experience.


Nitrous Sedation Dentistry:

  • Quick Onset and Offset: Nitrous oxide, also known as "laughing gas," is administered through a mask worn over the nose. It takes effect quickly and wears off rapidly after the procedure, allowing you to resume your daily activities without lingering sedative effects.

  • Calming Sensation: Nitrous oxide induces a calming sensation, reducing anxiety and making it an excellent option for patients with mild to moderate dental apprehension.

  • Safe and Well-Tolerated: Nitrous oxide is a safe and well-tolerated sedation option that allows you to remain conscious and responsive during the procedure while promoting relaxation..

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